Senin, 19 November 2012

Study study study

Study? Bored? Always ya! -..-
Just take few pictures so as not to get bored. Ya, in that time the weather is bad, downpour accompanied with lightning. Incidentally, I went to college with motorcycle and then I forgot to bring a raincoat. Not forgeted but I don't have raincoat, actually. Hhhee :(
Okay, now my list is buying raincoat. Yayy ^^
Oh ya, I study in Brawijaya University at Malang, Faculty of Economics and Business, S1 Accounting majors!! God, please save me until next two and a half years. Save me save me (pray).

With simple outfit. Denim shirt, polkadot flowery shirt, and converse sneaker.

8 komentar:

  1. love the layers :)

  2. nice shirt I liked your blog, I follow you!
    and if you like mine I hope you like pretty follower :) a kiss!

  3. smart layering ;)
    love it :D

  4. looking great! and love that cute little bow you clipped on your hijab :)

  5. So beautiful with simple style <3


  6. Me as well! Good luck with the both of us and the others as well! Anyway you look cute in that outfit! xx

  7. amazing layering

  8. Good luck for the uni life !! Believe me its amazing :)